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Germano Lanzoni takes action to support the research on rheumatic disorders in pediatric age

Intesa Sanpaolo Vita buys RBM Assicurazione Salute and aims at the leadership in the field of Private Healthcare Insurance

Axess PR and the new challenges in the time of Sars-COV2

We are a lab agency of full-service communication, made up of managers, journalist, professionals, social media experts and creative people. Our promise to you is to accelerate and simplify the access to the world of Health & Care for your brand and your products

We are specialists in sectors that are highly regulated such as health, animal health, non-profit, insurance and banks. We build projects of science journalism, CSR & Advocacy and we manage press offices, social, events and we also work in the field of crisis management

We work with companies, patient’s associations and non-profit, doctors and hospitals. We engage the media, social network, the public opinion and the decision makers

We are Axess Public Relations, your health broadcasters


Digital Marketing is nowadays a key tool to reach the referential target, such as the Media, the Institutions and the Public Opinion, to broadcast strategic messages and to portray the brand’s activities. We work closely with our client to identify his strong features and those that need improvement in their online communications. We identify the most suited web platform to connect with the public.

We offer counseling services and work closely with the client to define together the best strategy to enforce to meet the goals. Our strategy is based both on traditional and digital communication. We support companies to effectively communicate through their website and mobile devices, to consolidate their corporate reputation and to describe and illustrate their products.

Starting from the brief we are able to study and build with our clients an appropriate and tailored Storytelling. We bring to light the most effective solutions to help the client in the process of strengthening the Brand Reputation. One of the added values of Axess PR is our team’s ability to build a synergic relationship with the client, to maximize the results through a professional and trusting relationship.

We help companies, associations and organizations to interact with the public institutions and the Regulatory Authorities. We develop tailored strategies and awareness campaigns to support our customers’ goals and to maximize their influence. Sending out the right messages is in fact key to affecting the decision-making process, so that the customers’ interest is perceived in a transparent and effective way.

We conceive, create and carry out memorable and innovative Corporate Events for our clients. We incorporate traditional and digital tools; we activate Engagement towards the target through promotional campaigns and an effective Social Media Strategy.

We work with an eye to the prevention of a crisis but at the right moment we work closely with companies and organizations with quick, immediate and concreate actions to manage the communication of the “delicate moment”. We transform the most complex and delicate moments of a brand into an opportunity to contain both the reputational and economical damages, preserving the Brand Reputation.

We design tailored formative moments such as seminars and laboratories in both group or individual session mode, to deepen the understanding of Corporate Communication, Media Relations, Internal Communication and to improve the techniques of Public Speaking.

We create a dialogue with Patients Associations that know and live on a daily basis the patient’s necessity, by supporting them with a selection of educational and awareness services and initiative.



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