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Axess Public Relations is a Public Relations agency specializing in Healthcare, Insurance Health, Life Science, Nutrition, Wellness and Food. 

Axess is part of an international network of Communications and Public Relations Agencies, International Public Relations Network (IPRN), made up of over 90 members in 28 countries with over 80 offices all over the world.  

We offer our comprehensive communication services to customers be they companies, non-profit associations, pharmacies or healthcare institutions. We oversee the communication in every aspect: Press Office Management, Social Media Management, Events Management and Advocacy projects. 

As a Public Relations agency, Axess PR bases all of its projects on the fundamental idea of Co-Creation. Axess’s consultants work side by side with our customers’ management to create a winning communication strategy that can be successful and more importantly can be implemented in the market. We believe that the best strategy is stored in the ability to fully execute projects in the most advantageous way possible and we know this ability is what we can offer our clients. 

Speed, proven and effect methodologies, analysis and anticipation of complex scenarios, political monitoring – legislative monitoring at both the national and regional level via exclusive channels are the main success factors that Axess PR offers its customers 

The extended experience and the professional competencies of our team allow our customers to reach their strategic goals effectively and with success thanks to our different channels and tools of communications. 

Axess PR and its Press Office 

One of Axess PR’s strongest features is the outsourced management of both corporate and products press offices by working in a tight relationship with our clients. 

Thanks to the long-established relationship that our agency has with the major newspapers in the country we can guarantee great mediatic visibility to our clients. We work knowing fully well that a story has to be built and that a Press Statement will not be published if it is lacking strong contents, no matter how strong our relationship with the press might be. Storytelling and content are at the heart of a effective communications strategy. Working with the press, the editorial groups and the marketing and advertising departments calls for a systematic mix of paid investments and unpaid contents.

Axess PR and Public Institutions 

Axess PR has profound expertise in Lobbying and Public Affairs both on a National and Regional Level. 

The direct and transparent involvement of local policy makers – specifically Regional Governors and Regional  Welfare and Healthcare Councilors – allows small, midsize and big companies and non-profit associations to rapidly get attention and focus on their main topics of interest. 

We create successful alliances between stakeholders, key influencers and decision makers by employing strategies of online and offline coalition building that involve the three key components of the public arena: Institutions (National, Regional and Local), Media and Society. 

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Dario Francolino

Dario Francolino

General Manager

Founder and General Manager specialized in the management of press offices for the areas of healthcare, food, nutrition, insurance, banking and no profit. He works on communications projects to move target and decision makers to action.

He worked as Communication Director and Executive for public relations agencies internationally.

Crisis Management enthusiast and lecturer of marketing communications, corporate responsibility, events management and pharma ecommerce at the MBA of CUOA ( Consorzio Universitario per gli Studi di Organizzazione Aziendale).

Author of the book: La Farmacia del Futuro, Esculapio, 2019.

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