Axess PR handles every aspect Communication for APMARR: Media Relations, Social Media Management, Press Office and Events Management. 

 Axess PR prepares and puts out press releases at both a national level and for the organization’s regional offices. We organize all national level meetings and press conferences; we manage recalls and all the relationships with journalists from the biggest newspaper in Italy. We oversee individual interviews to the President of the association and the members of the Executive Board, and we take care of monitoring the and preparing press reports. 

Out team looks after the implementation and development of social media management strategies and the publication of content for all the social media platforms. We run the Adv campaigns on all the social media. 

Among the many initiatives that we promote for APMARR is the hashtag #diamoduemani, which is a campaign that started in 2017 to mark the International Day of Rheumatic Diseases on October 12th. For the past four years we have adapted that campaign to all possible media channels, online and offline. 

We coordinate all the Advocacy Campaigns by supporting APMARR in all of its relationships with Public Institutions and all of its Public Affairs, both at a national and regional level. 

Lastly, we manage the Association’s web site and the constant update of its contents. 


    2019 was a great year for the hashtag campaign #diamoduemani, in its third edition, both for the exposure on all media and also for the engagement of Public Institutions and significant media partners.

    After having introduced the WeResearch survey on the conditions of patients affected by rheumatic diseases, APMARR was able to involve the national Italian newspaper Corriere Salute and the journalist Maria Giovanna Faiella, who started a journalistic investigation.

    For the Institutional event “Vivere con una malattia reumatica” (Living with a Rheumatic Disease) held at the Sala degli Atti Parlamentari “Giovanni Spadolini,” APMARR was delighted to have as a guest Senator Pierpaolo Sileri, who is currently Vice Minister to Health.

    The YouTube video created by theShow for the hashtag campaign #diamoduemani2019 had almost two million views (1.878.151) above and beyond the 1,5 million of 2018.



APMARR (Italian National Patient Association for Rheumatoid and Rare Disease)

APMARR (Associazione Nazionale Persone con Malattie Reumatologiche e Rare) is an Association of Social Promotion whose goal is to operate as an Advocacy Group so that all disabling rheumatic diseases receive the right acknowledgment, dignity and attention from the healthcare authorities, society, public opinion and the political establishments.


Born in 1984 with the desire to enhance the awareness on these diseases, APMARR today is a National Association that defends the rights to Healthcare of those patients affected by rheumatic disease, with the mission to better the quality of the care in order to better the quality of life.



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