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Axess PR managed all Press Office and Media Relations for Avis Nazionale. In 2015 our team oversaw the set up for the event “Una legge che fa buon sangue: il Sistema trasfusionale italiano a 10 anni dalla legge 219/2005” relative to blood transfusions at the 10 years mark for a specific piece of legislation passed in 2005. The event was held at the Sala del Mappamondo della Camera dei Deputati which is the area of Parliament. In 2015 Axess PR also collaborated with Avis, as part of Milano Expo 2015 and the specific project Avis For Expo. 


    Substantial media coverage of all the activities of the organization in the main healthcare and non-profit publications in Italy. On the 20th of February 2016, as part of the jubilee for all blood donors, Avis took part in Pope Francis’ homily in Piazza San Pietro.



Avis (Associazione Volontari Italiani del Sangue) is a private, non-profit Blood Bank that works to guarantee an adequate availability of blood and its emo components for all the patients in need.  They work through the encouragement of blood donations and in certain cases, the direct collection of blood in association with Italian public healthcare facilities.

Avis organizes its activities on the principles of democracy, social participation and volunteering as fundamental tools for human solidarity. People can participate by anonymously donating blood periodically or, for those who can’t donate, by participating in all the activities the organization sets up to promote blood donation.



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