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Axess PR handles the press office and manages all Social Media for RBM Assicurazione Salute. Our team oversees press releases, the coordination of individual interviews with the company’s management, the monitoring and the creation of press reviews. Together with RBM we participate in events, conferences and meetings. We are responsible for the strategy and the management of the Facebook and Twitter pages of RBM Assicurazione Salute and the social profiles of its management. 


    With our strategy of Media Relations and Digital PR, over 2.000 articles every year are published in the top 10 National Newspapers and interviews of RBM’s CEO are broadcasted on the most influential TVs and Radio Stations.

    In assisting with RBM’s Welfare Day, the company’s  institutional event, we have seen numbers rise over the last three years: over 1.000 report in the media, over 10.000 organic views on twitter on the day of the event, over 1.500 attendees split amongst  in loco attendees to the corporate event and live streaming on social media.


RBM Assicurazione Salute

RBM Assicurazione Salute S.p.A ® is the N. 1 company in Italy specialized in health insurance both in terms of income and number of people insured. Everyday RBM takes care of customers from the biggest Italian companies, Supplemental Healthcare Insurance Funds, Welfare Funds, Public Institutions and of all the individuals that have chosen RBM to take care of their health.

RBM is the company with the largest network of healthcare facilities which are funded by the Italian National Health Service, managed according to the ISO 9001 Certification to always guarantee quality treatments. RBM always places the person at the center, because health comes first. This is why RBM is the only company that allows its customers to create a tailor made health plan.



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