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Monza, 18 Maggio 2020 – It has to be considered as a real INFODEMIC the one Italians have started from the moment the first cases of Covid-19 were confirmed on the 21st of February 2020 in Lombardia and Veneto. “One in 4 Italians (13,9 million, 23%) in March 2020 – explains Dario Francolino, Founder and CEO of Axess Public Relation – was glued to the TV to stay updated on the Coronavirus emergency. Hundreds of news broadcasted with an apprehensive tone, discussed by doctors often in disagreement with each other and by politicians fighting to try and expand their consent with many changes of minds that only helped confuse the public opinion furthermore. In a way it was a disastrous “Babel” effect that informed a lot, maybe too much, the public opinion, without paying enough attention to those information’s that were and still are truly essentials to survive the pandemic. A lot of words, not enough infographics and what seems like no strategy and no development of a punctual, emphatic and rigorous storytelling. The Phase2, that starts officially today, has no other option but to be based on a strong narrative path, in order to be able to communicate to citizens in a precise way the right practices and attitudes to best live with a virus that still has not lost any of the lethality of the early days.




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