Media Relations and Brand Reputation - Axess PR

Traditional media remain some of the main influential factor and they serve as an effective tool to spread and convey the right messages to the referential target. 

Our strategic vision and our professional experience in building a transparent relationship with journalist, editors, bloggers and influencers allows us to support our clients in a proactive way, so to anticipate and influence the communication in the best way possible and to enhance the Media coverage on both local and national newspapers. 

Starting from the brief we are able to study and build with our clients an appropriate and tailored Storytelling that never lacks ideas and insights from current events and affairs. 

We bring to light the most effective solutions to help the client in the process of strengthening the Brand Reputation by improving the media coverage of their products on Newspapers, Radio and TV 

One of the added values of Axess PR is our team’s ability to build a synergic relationship with the client, to maximize the results through a professional and trusting relationship. 

Our activities of Media Relations

  • Media Events Organization
  • Press Conference Organization
  • Drafting of medical and scientific texts
  • Press Office
  • Preparation and Editing of Interviews
  • Preparation and Broadcast of Press Release
  • Daily News Monitoring
  • Press Review



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