Public Affairs - Axess PR

We help companies, associations and organizations to interact with the public institutions and the Regulatory Authorities, by thoroughly examining the opportunities and the risks associated to their business plans and their decisions. 

We develop tailored strategies and awareness campaigns to support our customers’ goals and to maximize their influence. 

Sending out the right messages is in fact key to affecting the decision-making process, so that the customers’ interest is perceived in a transparent and effective way. This strategy also allows us to better manage any possible situation of Crisis Management that might arise.  

We are able to create a basic organization, to put together a coalition representing interests and reaching the target with a bottom up approach.  We follow the process of building approval starting from the analysis of the scenarios and involvement of third parties, up to the creation of tailored online and offline communication plans and the mobilization of citizens and reaching preset goals.  We work with our clients to enforce policies and behaviours benefitting the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), by strengthening the economic, social and environmental relationships that our clients have with the communities in which they operate and with their stakeholders. 

Our activities of Public Affairs & Advocacy

  • Scenario Analysis
  • Mapping of the Stakeholders
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Focus and Definitions of the main Goals
  • Creation of a Message
  • Strategy Building (target, approach, tactical actions)
  • Network & Coalition Building (formal and informal)
  • Creation of Dossier and Institutional presentation
  • Regional, National and European Legislative Monitoring
  • Accreditation with regional, national and European Institutions
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



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