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Dario Francolino, Axess Pr ceo calls on Conte and Franceschini “to work together to save tourism in Italy. We must be forward-looking and think right now about 2021”

Monza, august 13th 2020 -The recovery of Italian tourism has to be the top priority in the political agenda of Italian institutions. After a disastrous summer marked by a general collapse of tourism numbers given by the absence of both Italian and foreigner visitors, with many accommodation facilities not even opening, it is more and more urgent to implement a strong strategy that will allow the entire tourism industry to restart.

“I turn to Dario Franceschini, Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, and Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister, to work on a much needed strategy to save italian tourism – says Dario Francolino, Ceo of Axess Public Relations -. We must be forward-looking and start thinking about 2021, that is just around the corner. As a small agency we have decided to offer our experience pro-bono to reformulate the offer of health tourism in this new normal, but we need to act quickly, because the euphoria of August, if it ever existed, will finish next monday. We will wake up the day after Ferragosto and the damages will be plenty. We can’t be fooled by the typical Italian August because we are used to braking ranks at any cost but we have to face reality.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been damaging the tourism industry all over the world: The United Nations World Tourism Organisation reports a drop of -44% in the first four months of 2020, with a loss of almost 175 billion Euros for tourism worldwide. And Italy unfortunately is no stranger to all of this : in June Italy registered -80% of visitors along the entire peninsula, with a peak of -95% in Sardinia. This tragic report has two major factors: the absences of foreign visitors and the economic hardships of Italians. ​Only one out of two Italians will go on holiday this summer.

We must come up with a plan for 2021 right now- continues Francolino-. Usually many people confirm bookings from one year to the next, but who feels safe enough to do it right now? It would be a huge risk that only people financially stable could take. This is why, as an agency, we decided to launch pro-bono two strategic consulting plans, with two new partners acquired last month through the campaign #SaveSummer2020. We decided to work with a big Italian city and a region on some healthcare-tourism communications projects. To carry out these projects we decided to join Axess PR’s experience of over 30 years in healthcare with Comunicación Iberoamericana, the number one agency in Spain specialised in tourist communication, with over 20 years of experience. Italy has to make up for the time lost and this is why we have decided to launch now “SaveTourism2021”.

Right now to talk about tourism is to talk about healthcare. And this is why the collaboration between Axess Pr and Comunicación Iberoamericana is such a strategic one: “ While our Spanish colleagues bring new value to these projects with their international know-how on tourism – ​Dario Francolino, ceo of Axess Pr, points out – we as an healthcare agency bring to the table all of our experience on health and communication.

A unique partnership since both are part of the international group ​IPRN (International Public Relations Network)​. If Axess Pr over the years specialized in scientific and pharmaceutical communication, marketing and tourist communication and in the bank and insurance sector (life science, health & care, insurance, marketing e tourist communication), the Spanish agency Comunicación Iberoamericana​ is an expert in the international tourist marketing.

“​We have dealt with different realities- explains Francolino- and now more than ever we are convinced of how essential it is to keep going and support our institutions so that they can use the best tools for a proactive and specific communication. Traveling and tourism as we used to know them do not exist any more. But one thing is for sure, to start over tourism has to concentrate on two new aspects: health and safety. How can we convey safety? The message that I personally would like to come across is that Italian cities are safe and that they have worked hard, and still are, to reduce the spread of the virus using all precautions possible. And we are not the ones saying it: Italy, in Europe and around the world, has been praised for the efforts and the achievements in facing Covid-19. We have to take advantage of this good reputation to present ourselves as a safe space.”​


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